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Modular Instruments

MultiBase Modular Instruments and Controllers Raymond RF Measurements Corp. manufactures Modular Instruments and Controllers. 
MultiBase The MultiBase is our modular platform for RF Measurements. The Multibase has 6 expansion slots for RF Measurement and Automation modules.

Any number of MultiBases can be rack mounted and networked together to make a seamless RF measurement and control system. With the optional GPIB Interface, it can be seamlessly integrated into industry standard EMC and Antenna Measurement Systems.

The MultiBase modular instrument can be configured as a standalone Measurement system with the addition of our Customisable RF Measurement software. 
MultiBase Brochure
Measurement Software
MultiBase Modular Instrument
RF Modules MultiBase RF modules:
    ● SA6 RF Spectrum Analyzer
    ● SG6 RF Signal Generator
    ● FP6 RF Field Probe 
    ● PM6 RF Power Meter 
    ● S6 RF Switch Matrix 
    ● RA6 Remote RF Attenuator Array 
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RF Field Probe FP6 Field Probe RF Power Meter PM6 Power Meter
RF Switch Matrix S6 Switch Matrix Remote RF Attenuator Remote Attenuator
IO Relay Array IO Relays
Automation Modules MultiBase Automation modules:
    ● Turntable Controller
    ● Antenna Mast Controller
    ● Antenna Positioner Controller
    ● IO Relay Controller
    ● EMC Camera Controller 
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EMC Camera Controller EMC Camera

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