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QuietBoxes were developed for testing hand held wireless devices such as computing devices and cellular phones. Their unique features of small size, ease of use and safety make them ideal enclosures for trouble shooting and Quality Assurance testing. When interfaced with test equipment, a QuietBox can become an important part of a fully automated QA testing system. A well designed QA testing system can be operated by assembly personnel, thus increasing the productivity of the EMC Technicians and Engineers. QuietBoxes typically provide 80 dB of RF shielding attentuation between 1 MHz and 10 GHz, however, higher levels of shielding are available on special order.

QuietBox 850 Brochure

The QuietBox 850 is a cam shell, table top unit, which is pneumatically powered and can easily be interfaced with a computer vis-à-vis an RS232 connection. Pagers, cellular phones and WiFi devices have all been successfully tested in the QuietBox 850. A standard QuietBox, like a full size walk-in shielded enclosure, has metallic surfaces which reflect radio frequency waves. Therefore devices which communicate wireless may not work as well in a standard QuietBox due to Phase distortion from the enclosure surfaces. To reduce phase distortion the QuietBox 850 has absorber treatment.

● Operates on 12 volts; Power adaptor included
● RS232 port which interfaces all QuietBox Controls
● Size: 16" W x 19" D x 15" H
● Pneumatic power open and close (requires 80 psi, clean dry compressed air)
● 4 each User definable operation keys
● 1 each N Type feed through connector
● RF Isolation: 80 dB between 1 MHz and 10 GHz
● Certified RF Shielding Effectiveness Tested to IEEE-299
● Typical Applications: Testing WiFi devices

Shown with optional absorber:
● Optional Interior lined with 2.25" Laminated Foam Absorber (-20 dB above 1.3 GHz)

Normally a stock item. Maximum manufacturing is approximately 4 weeks from receipt of order.

Optional add-ons such as filters, connectors, vents, waveguides and feedthroughs can be added separately. A complete shop drawing with all ordered optional features and locations will be provided for approval, prior to final assembly. QuietBox Add-Ons

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Weight:85.000 lbs